Our mission is to improve the health of our patients by creating a positive atmosphere where professional dental care is competently and comfortably provided. Our dental office location is conveniently located close to 405 and 710 freeway in Longbeach California. We offer cosmetic dentistry as well as regular dental work to care for your need in creating a healthy and beautiful smile.

"Dr. Celso Sy basically gave me my smile, a beautiful smile that I've been dreaming about since I can remember. I'm not afraid to smile and show my teeth anymore. I smile all the time now and love this freedom. One more important thing: I've never encountered such a professional, attentive, polite, and just nice, down-to-earth staff! That was a big part of my wonderful experience with Dr. Celso Sy's office. Words can not express my gratitude!"

Reasons to choose Approved Dental Care

Patients from all ages are welcome in our office. We have treated kids as young as 2 years of age to grandparents as young as 83. Parents who wish to have their children referred to a specialist for kids have the option to get referral from us. Usually the specialist either put the patient to sleep or gives them medication to make them drowsy/less anxious.

Should the parents decide that the sedation or putting to sleep is not an option, with the parents consent we gently use a papoose board to keep the child patient safe and still. This is like a wrap around the body restraint. Injury can be prevented in this way with the patient being restless and difficult to manage as they are anxious and scared.

Our building is accessible to wheelchair borne patients and special parking space is also provided.

We value all patients regardless of who comes to our office. You may be the type of patient who just need regular check-up and cleaning or you may be the patient who is scared with even just thinking about going to the dentist and needs major dental work. Nevertheless we listen to all your concerns and apprehension. We also see to it that we give you continuing care and give you reminders if you need it especially for the bi-yearly dental cleaning.

We recommend what is best and we always show you what you need before even starting with the treatment. Finances is also discussed prior to doing any dental work so there are no surprises.